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    IAI PCON-C-56PI-NP-2-0
    IAI PCON-C-56PI-NP-2-0

    IAI PCON-C-56PI-NP-2-0 Type Controller


    Avaiable: in-stock

    Conditon: NEW


           choice 1 :  ship with the usps express mail ( China express post 4-6 days)

           choice 2 :  ship with the fedex

    contact mail: gao_xiermo@126.com                        SKYPE : snowy_gao

    Telephone : 86-15859255758


    Xiamen XierMo Electric Co, Ltd is an automation company , we have a lot of the 

    PLC Product in-sotck our warehouse ,all of our part has been tested can work 

    well , we will provide a year warranty ,If you purchase our part .

    Our price is fair ,if you need other part, pls send an inquiry to me , I will 

    answer you in time ,my mail is  gao_xiermo@126.com

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